Saturday, November 28, 2009

“Coming up next … Plan your successes with SRO!” #257, Nov. 30, 2009

After Further Review … As we prepare for closure of 2009, it’s important to reflect not only what GOOD came our way, but what plans/goals we have for 2010. Far too often we tend to remember the “bad” rather than the “good.” Why is that? What is it in our mindset that leads us toward the negative, rather than the positive?

Well, for one thing, the news permeates our daily lives, whether it be television, internet or newspaper; it too often features the bad and the ugly. How can we direct (i.e. control) our thinking towards positive, enlightening opportunities? How ‘bout count your blessings!

Sports provides us with an example. The hue and cry of sports fans who have ended a season of disappointment can be heard to say, “Wait’ll next year!” That puts a positive spin on a frustrating season, looking ahead for better things to come. Here’s a thought to make that a possibility – the word is DETERMINATION.

You can search dictionaries and thesauruses available for definitions; however, what it really comes down to is your firmness of purpose. They tell this story of Miami Head Coach Don Shula, whose Dolphins team lost to the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl VI. Coach Shula, disappointed at his team’s 24-3 loss, said to his players in the locker room immediately after that game, “Gentleman, we start today preparing for next season.” The next (1972) season, Shula’s Dolphins never lost a game (17-0)! Then, those Dolphins won Super Bowl VII, followed by winning Super Bowl VIII.

Using a football analogy for singleness of purpose, here’s a way to accomplish wait’ll next year. The idea revolves around setting a goal, as Coach Shula did. In football, the goal of the offensive team is to score a touchdown. In order to accomplish this, football gives that team 4 downs. If a team uses those downs successfully to gain 10 yards, football rewards them with another 4 downs. In goal-setting terms, we call those short range objectives (SRO).

As you reflect on 2009, did you try to go for a touchdown every time or did you build your successes on SRO? Now is the time to study what you did well this year, analyzing how to build your plan of success. Teams who didn’t have a great 2009 season are now dissecting their plan that may have caused failure. Then, they set a plan for success based upon SRO.

Will you reflect on the good you did in 2009?

NOTE: A huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you who took time to vote for me as a nominee for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Pro Football Hall of Fame Committee has selected its top 25 to be voted on for the class of 2010. I was not selected, however, as I said above, “Wait’ll next year!” Indeed, I do count my blessings.

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